New Year, New You!

Start the new year off with a bang and elevate your brand.

The arrival of a brand-new year is great news for your business! It is the best time of year to refresh your brand, overhaul your website, get your printing and digital collateral up to date, and ensure your 2022 signage is done and dusted. Scarborough Digital reveals the secrets that can help you tap into success as 2022 arrives. This article will give you advice on how to improve your website’s performance. It will also get you to take a fresh look at your branding. Also, signage and print media for your business is something many businesses overlook. This article gives you the reasons why you can’t afford to miss out these two crucial ways of marketing your business.

Ready for a Refresh

After a challenging 2021, we are all wondering what 2022 will bring. Following two years of restrictions and lockdowns, as a business owner, you will have had lots of obstacles. Getting your branding on point, though, has always been important. Yet with so many opportunities ahead, now there is no excuse. It’s time to tackle your digital presence ready for the New Year. Your website, graphic design, print advertising and business signage all need to look their best, beat the competition and be bold and beautiful!

Who Benefits from Branding?

The short answer is everyone! Yet if you own a business in Scarborough or along the Yorkshire Coast, then your branding collateral, which includes digital and print platforms, is the key method of attracting and retaining customers. Whatever your business type – hospitality, food, restaurant, takeaway, guest house, hotel, bed and breakfast – having a cohesive marketing strategy helps push your brand out to new and existing customers. The big brands achieve this yet they put in a great deal of work and effort to get that huge customer base flocking to their website or to their place of business. The principle is the same for smaller businesses. Get the experts to help you with your branding, and you’re on the way to future success.

The Hospitality Sector

It goes without saying the hospitality sector has been on a rollercoaster ride during the last two years. Open, close, open again and then followed by one of the busiest summers on record. And if the wintertime is the period in which you can rest a little, this also gives you space to really look at your business marketing plan. It would be foolish to think the staycation boom is here to … well, stay! The last year has reminded customers how amazing the Yorkshire Coast is for a superb holiday. The beaches, the scenery and the attractions are hard to beat. Now is the time to continue and maintain this trend, retaining those customers, keeping them interested and while reaching out to new ones, too. Is your website performing as well as it can do? You won’t need reminding that over 85% of your customers will use their smart phones to visit your website, your reviews, and your social media presence. Is your logo memorable? Does it capture what you offer? Does your website’s graphic design structure make it easy for guests to book? Maybe it is time to refresh your venue’s signage ready for the 2022 season. It could be 2022 is another busy year for holidaying closer to home … however it’s best to avoid leading things to chance!

The Food Sector

Whatever your food business – café, tearoom, restaurant, takeaway – your customer base has probably ebbed and flowed in the last twelve months. Looking ahead, now is the best time of year to reconsider the positioning of your brand in a very competitive market. While many food outlets had to pivot and transform their business model in 2020, 2021 was a year that saw exponential demand for many. You are passionate about what you do: the ingredients you buy, the menus you carefully put together, the presentation of the dishes you create. Your branding, website, signage, printed menus and overall graphic design should combine seamlessly together and push your business out there to a new and a loyal audience. If you’re not getting as many new faces or customers as you’d like, this is probably down to your overall digital and marketing presence not operating like they should. From ice cream emporiums to a la carte restaurants, branding is important and a necessary investment.

What Experience Do You Offer?

If you are a hotel, a guest house or a café, then your customers are looking for a great experience. From arrival to departure, you and your team work hard to ensure guests have an exceptional experience they want to share with others. Yet this is only part of the story. Before your guests even arrive, there’s lots of work gone into getting their attention online, obtaining their booking and making sure they turn up! With expert help, you can make customer journey to your door a seamless, easy, and enjoyable one by following some simple steps. 

How to promote your business in 2022

Is Your Website Performing Well?

 Websites form the ‘shop front’ of your business to the entire world. Whether it’s an elegant brochure website or a complex e-commerce platform, one element is key. You must get the right team to design and develop your website. And no, it’s not as expensive as you might think. Websites have a huge responsibility these days. They are one of your key digital marketing tools. They must engage your audience and convert them into customers. Many websites also need to offer a booking or sales aspect as part of the user experience or UX, particularly in the hospitality or retail sector. Your website, then, should do ALL the following: Be easy to navigate around. Remain fresh and relevant. Make the benefits of your business very clear. Capture customer data. Give clear CTAs (call to actions). Provide your contact information clearly. Be connected to your other digital platforms. Rank on Google. All this takes work, and you need a good, experienced team to do it.

Be Brand Brave!

Your branding includes your logo, typography, and graphic design. For businesses that are dotted along the Yorkshire Coast, your ideal customer will subconsciously be making a note of all these aspects when searching for the best location for their next break or their meal out. Perhaps your brand is looking a bit tired? Maybe you haven’t had time to think about. With help from experienced digital designers, this process can be made much easier. Logos can be the lynchpin to your marketing collateral. Once this is decided, then the rest will follow. Colours, graphics, and fonts/typeface will combine effortlessly to promote you, head and shoulders above your competition.

Get Graphic!

Not to be confused with your photograph or image portfolio, graphic design includes the all-important icons and typography that will ensure a stunning user experience (UX) of your website, along with cohesive marketing on your business signage and printed materials. Graphic design is a classic ‘show don’t tell’ example: experts create visual content that communicates important messages to your customers and audience. It could be a dog with a heart next to it means your venue welcome four-legged guests, for example. There are many ways in which the interaction with your customers is smooth and painless. Great graphic design is one way to get those customers to engage with your and become a paying guest. This is particularly important as so many customers now have their online, digital experience via their phones, therefore involving a smaller screen by default. Let the graphic designer do all the hard work for you and those bookings should follow.

Print And Be … The Best!

Print is dead … or so the saying goes. Wrong! While print has changed beyond recognition in the last decade, it is still an essential need for many businesses. This could be in the form of menus for restaurants and takeaways. Printed price or tariff listings are also very popular for business. Also, there is still a proportion of your audience that prefer the print version of your marketing strategy. Visitor attractions particularly need print marketing. Leaflet displays are as popular as ever, and let’s face it, some areas of the Yorkshire Coast lack a decent Wi-Fi or phone signal, making online searching very difficult. Be sure to have printed marketing collateral ready for your guests to take away with them: a leaflet, a menu or even a business card. They might keep it as a souvenir or pass it onto your next customer!

A Sign of the Times

There’s nothing worse that bagging that booking, whether it’s for an en-suite room or a three- course meal and the customer can’t find you. This is guaranteed to irritate your guest. While Sat Nav (or even good old fashioned map reading!) can do some of the work, with a plethora of local businesses jostling for attention, your outdoor signage needs to stand out. Your signage does not need to ostentatious. It needs to show off your logo, your essential business details and also guide your guest to your front door with ease. If your current outdoor signage is faded, peeling, or hanging off its hinges, then you have some work to do! Get the experts to help you and this job that NEEDS doing will get done in no time at all.

What To Do Next

You know what to do. Who can you trust to do it for you? Scarborough Digital is one of the leading digital and print agencies on the Yorkshire Coast. With many satisfied customers, the Scarborough Digital team can help with all aspects of digital and print media. Based in Scarborough’s town centre, we work with you to create the best marketing tools around. As 2022 dawns, get your digital and print collateral sorted for the year ahead.