Pricing made simple without the geek speak

All our websites are made and constructed with the exact specifications that you want and need.  They are all mobile friendly as standard and will always pass on the message that you are trying to communicate. All websites can come with a standard contact form included in the price. 

There are 2 types of webpages that can be built for you. A static page and a content managed page.

Static Sites

A static page is exactly that. A page that is created with content and images provided by you and at the point of completion will stay that way until changes are required. It will stay the same until you contact us to make changes. 

These websites start from £150 for a single page. 


Content Manages Sites

The other type of website is a content managed page. This will include blogging sites, shops, hotels, hairdressers, clubs etc where we create the page for you and build a framework in the background that allows the user to log on and change certain elements within the content of the page as and when you choose.  These websites are particularly useful if you have a shop or business that has changing offers and deals and you need to update the content on the site regularly. If you are a club or organisation you may want a content managed site so that after an event you can post images of whats gone on without the need to contact us. 

For websites pages to be really effective they need tone managed and we also offer the full SEO packages, (see below)

These websites start from £400 


Website Management or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The most important part of running your own website is how well it is managed. How are you performing on the web? Where do you appear on peoples searches? Is anyone visiting my site? How do I get new content on the page? How do I generate more traffic to my pages and to my business? These are all questions that will happen when you have a website. Our SEO packages take you through every step of this and with our personal approach will ensure that your website is delivering what you need.

Website management  and SEO from Scarborough Digital is affordable, effective and we will keep you informed every month on how your site is performing and what can be done to help you make that real impact. 

Depending on your need the SEO and website management starts from £150 per month


Other Services

Here at Scarborough Digital we offer a one stop shop approach. Everything you need for you online presence you can find here. In addition to website design and SEO above we offer the following services

Graphic Design Services

When starting out as a new business the visual image of you business is really important to you. We can help with designing and creating all your graphic needs. We cover logo’s, banners, letterheads, business cards, flyers and any other aspect of graphic design you need.  Prices vary depending on your needs.

Image Sourcing and Manipulation

Within our graphic design suite we can also source and edit your images to ensure that they work well for your site. If you don’t have the right images for your website we can source them cost effectively, or manipulate other images to construct what you are looking for. We can also work with photographers to source bespoke images of your products. 

Prices for manipulation start from £20

Sourcing of images: depending on the subject


Hosting and Domain Registration

Once you decide you need a website you need to call it something and place it somewhere, We can guide you through this whole process and make it easy for you. 

Prices from £20

Content Writing

Sometimes the difficult part is writing good quality content for your site. We can help with this by helping you identify key words that you need to use in the text and writing this in for you. Prices from £100