Website Management or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are a lot of website providers that wrap Search Engine Optimisation up in complicated language that makes it sound like a dark art. The reality is that you now have a website, it has a name, it looks fantastic, but who can find it and how are they finding it. Search Engine Optimisation is the part of website design often overlooked. It is the ongoing maintenance to the online presence. The target with all SEO is to move people towards the top of the rankings so that your site is the first one people see. It is much more than that. Once people click on your site they need to find what they were searching for immediately. There are many studies that suggest that we wait less than 1 second to decide if a website is good or bad. The first impression is the one that makes all the difference.

Here at Scarborough Digital offices we manage the SEO for you to make it easy. We start with an audit of your website and analise it on many levels. We look at the coding, titles, keywords as well as the way it loads on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. We look at the key phrases that are important to your business and assess how relevant your website is not only to the customers you are chasing but to the search engine robots that help them find you.

We offer different levels of service to match your budget but an ongoing program of optimisation is vital to ensure that you are getting the most out of your site for the long term and not just today.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Website Management SEO

Initial review

Our first port of call is a review of what you have already and assess your current performance as a benchmark. This stage is crucial in identifying areas for improvement and areas which are currently working well

No Lengthy Tie In

Our SEO packages operate on a rolling month on month contract with a 30 day end of month opt out. We are very confident about our SEO packages and offer you the confidence to stay with us.
Search Engine Optimisation SEO Website Management SEO
Search Engine Optimisation SEO Website Management SEO

Site Analysis

The site analysis will examine your current site in every detail, from the meta tags to every link and image, it will examine images, tags, redirects, iframes, restrictions and malware hiding in your code. Word count is important and ensuring that the copy on the site is reflected on the titles and keywords is important to success. We also examine mobile phone desktop and tablet views and ensure that layout doesn’t cause bounce when people see the site. We examine every link and offer an action plan as to how to correct these issues in an understandable way.

Homepage Analysis

The homepage is your window for your target audience. It is essential that every aspect of this page not only appeals to your visitors but also talks to the search engines to create your presence online. We analyse the structure of the content and see what appears above and below the fold line to ensure 1st time hits.
Search Engine Optimisation SEO Website Management SEO
Search Engine Optimisation SEO Website Management SEO

Keyword Research

High on the list of important issues in delivering a website and keeping it current is the keywords and how they are performing to the competition. Keeping a site live is vital to your project. Good keywords today may fall behind the competition tomorrow. We give you weekly or monthly analysis of your keywords vs your competition and how are they performing on the same keywords

Backlink Audit

Backlinks are crucial to google trusting your site and moving it up the rankings. When you are mentioned on local media, facebook blogs, Instagram or many of the other possibilities then these create trust from the search engines. Avoiding the robots and using trusted sites is important to avoid being black flagged by google and we can manage this for you.
Search Engine Optimisation SEO Website Management SEO
Search Engine Optimisation SEO Website Management SEO

Online Competitor Research

We will look at your named competitors and look at why they are working well and develop a strategy for you to compete with them. We will report to you things like theor social profile, backlinks and technical capability of their website.

Black hat Eradication

Competitors can sometimes spam your site and direct lots of traffic to it which is largely from robots. Google and other search engines then become aware of this and black flag your site sending it tumbling down the rankings unfairly. We monitor these links and have them removed to prevent any damage to your online reputation.
Search Engine Optimisation SEO Website Management SEO

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